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What willyou learn

  • In this course, you complete one confined water and six open water dives. Building on the technical diving knowledge and skills, you’ll cover new topics such as:

  • Different bailout strategies

  • Offboard gas supply capability

  • Planning tec CCR decompression dives including deep deco stops

  • Offsetting narcosis with helium gas mixes

  • Dealing with CCR problems and dive emergencies


  • Be a Tec 40 CCR Diver qualified on the specific Type T CCR to be used in the course.

  • Have logged a minimum of 150 dives, with at least 25 dives and 50 hours experience diving the Type T CCR used in the course with an offboard bailout system following Tec 40 CCR Diver principles.

  • Have at least 10 logged CCR dives deeper than 30 metres/100 feet.


6 day




Training fee 250€ / day 

Minimum 2 students 

Training expenses at Koh Tao Divers 

Facility fee 50€ / day 

Includes: sorb, bailout tanks, gasses, facility use, logistics, boat transportation)  

Exluded: Online material and certification​ and 

Helium  4thb / ltr

*All prices are subject to change depending on location and student starting level. Please mail me for a final quote and availability. 

The PADI Tec 60 CCR Diver is similar to other agencies "Normoxic Trimix" training. During the course you will learn more in-depth about dive planning and using different Trimix gas mixes. The lowest oxygen content gas on this course is 16% which is considered normoxic on CCR. Instead of one bail out cylinder as you learned on PADI Tec 40 CCR course, you will use now two-stage tanks. With this course, the number of decompression levels or time is not limited anymore.

Tec 60 CCR Diver is the second level of technical diving training with Type T CCRs. By completing the this course, you extend your CCR diving adventures down to a maximum depth of 60 metres/200 feet. You learn to complete multiple decompression stops, manage life-support problems and dive with trimix/heliox as a diluent. It’s a considerable challenge, but if you’re serious about being a tec CCR diver, then this course is your next step.


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