What willyou learn

Going deeper than 60 metres/200 feet brings up a few key considerations that you’ll focus on during this course, beyond what you already know as a Tec 60 CCR Diver. During knowledge development, one confined water dive and five open water dives, you’ll cover:

  • Diving with hypoxic gases and managing oxygen exposure deeper than 60 metres/200 feet

  • Wearing three or more bailout cylinders and choosing bailout gases

  • Dealing with CCR problems and dive emergencies at extreme depths


  • Be a Tec 60 CCR Diver qualified on the specific Type T CCR to be used in the course

  • Have a minimum of 175 dives, with at least 50 dives and 100 hours experience diving the Type T CCR used in the course with an offboard bailout system. At least 25 of these dives must be multistop decompression dives deeper than 40 metres/130 feet with trimix/heliox diluent.

  • Note that manufacturer requirements also may apply and qualifying certifications from other diver training organization may be acceptable. Just mail us to confirm this. 


6-7 day


6 dives


1500€ + vat

incl: training

excl: course manual, certification fee, personal equipment, sorb / CCR and dive supplements. 

Rental units on request. 

Extra training days are 250€ / day


Group discounts are available 

*All prices are subject to change depending on location and students starting level. Please mail me for a final quote. 

The PADI Tec 100 CCR Diver is the ultimate PADI Tec CCR rating. With other training agencies, this course would be called a CCR Trimix course.  This training is significantly more challenging than the PADI Tec 60 CCR Diver course because it includes the use of diluents and bailout gases that are hypoxic. You’ll learn to plan and make dives with hypoxic trimix/heliox using a Type T (technical) CCR to a maximum depth of 100 metres/330 feet while managing multiple bailout cylinders and completing multiple decompression stops. Very few extreme adventurers earn this rating.


What scuba gear will you use?

You’ll use standard tec diving equipment along with the gear you used for your PADI Tec 60 CCR Diver course, with the addition of at least two more bailout cylinders.

Note that all CCRs used in PADI TecRec courses are third-party tested and manufacturers must ensure they meet a comprehensive list of requirements.

This course is accompanied by a service and repair workshop for in-field problem solving and maintenance; setup and maintenance of the unit, loop volume management, calibration of electronics, emergency procedures, buoyancy control, CNS tracking.

Qualifier & Crossover

After certification as a PADI Tec 40 CCR Diver, you’ll need to qualify if you want to use a different Type T CCR model because procedures vary with each model. However, you don’t need to repeat the entire course. Just take a  program that focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to use a different Type T CCR model.

What next?


To secure your booking, a deposit fee 50% of the course price is asked either via bank transfer or PayPal (+5%). Additional bank fees are paid by the student. The rest of the course fee is paid when course starts. 


After your booking, your independent study begins by reading the PADI Tec 100 CCR Diver Manual which you will receive after the booking.  You’ll also get a TecRec Type T CCR Predive Checklist. You should also start studying the manufacturer’s literature.

Get doctor statement that you are fit to dive:

Download PADI Medical statement

Download Standard Safe Technical Diving Practices Statement of Understanding