Ready to take your rebreather diving to the next level? Extend your range and further your dive planning with the SSI CCR Extended Range program. This in-depth course provides the knowledge and experience required to independently plan and conduct decompression dives to a maximum depth of 45 meters / 145 feet using CCR rebreathers. The SSI CCR Extended Range program builds upon skills and techniques learned as a basic rebreather diver by increasing depth and duration, introducing decompression, and adding more complex skills. 


  • CE Approved CCR Unit

  • 1 Bailout Cylinder with Regulator, and Inflator Hose

  • Back-up OC/CCR Computer

  • SMBs with Spool/Reel for appropriate depths

  • Back-up Mask

  • Cutting Device


  • At least 18 years old

  • Deep Diving certification

  • Enriched Air Nitrox certification

  • Advanced Open Water Diver certification

  • Extended Range or CCR Diving


6 day




1500€ + vat

incl: training

excl: course manual, certification fee, personal equipment, sorb / CCR and dive supplements. 

Rental units on request. 

Extra training days are 250€ / day


Group discounts are available 

*All prices are subject to change depending on location and students starting level. Please mail me for a final quote. 

What scuba gear will you use?

You’ll use standard tec diving equipment appropriate for the local environment, including your exposure suit, mask, fins and weight system. Snorkels are optional, but a collapsible snorkel can be carried in your pocket. You’ll also need a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) and reel, an audible surface signaling device, slate and a compass.

I will advise you about the Type T CCR you’ll learn to use and suggest a CCR dive computer with open-circuit bailout capability, offboard life support system, and oxygen analyzer along with other beneficial gear.


To secure your booking, a deposit fee 50% of the course price is asked either via bank transfer or PayPal (+5%). Additional bank fees are paid by the student. The rest of the course fee is paid when course starts. 


After your booking, you will receive  online Diver Manual for you to study. You’ll also get a  Predive Checklist.  You can also start studying the manufacturer’s literature.

Get doctor statement that you are fit to dive.

Qualifier & Crossover

After certification as a  CCR Diver, you’ll need to qualify if you want to use a different model because procedures vary with each model. However, you don’t need to repeat the entire course. Just take a  program that focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to use a different CCR model.

What next?