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Mikko is a passionate technical diver and explorer, always ready to explore and document the undiscovered underwater realm. Mikko started his professional dive career at the Ojamo mine back in 1998. Soon after, he moved to Thailand where he has been running Koh Tao Divers ever since. Mikko found his true passion in technical diving, and as a result Koh Tao Divers Tec  was born.

Mikko is an experienced technical diving instructor and teaches SSI, PADI, and TDI technical diving courses in backmount and sidemount configurations. He is a Kiss Sidewinder, Revo, and Xccr certified diver, and a KISS sidewinder and SF2 eCCR rebreather instructor trainer and can train students all the way to hypoxic trimix 100m.


Over the past decade, he has focused on documenting the underwater world through his camera. Mikko has been the camera man in numerous documentaries and films, latest being the Untold Arctic Wars, and has also featured on the other side of the lens in the “Sukeltaja” ("Diver"), "The Rescue" Nat Geo documentary  and "The Cave" movie,  . Mikko has also published a book “Sukellus valoon - Mikko Paasi and the incredible rescue operation”.


His expeditions have taken him to previously unexplored wrecks such as the Burma Maru and Trusty Star, HMS Gentien, and deep into the cave systems of Mexico, Sardinia, Norway and many others.


Putting his skills to good use, Mikko is a member of the Suratthani Rescue in Thailand. He is known from the Thai cave rescue operation which successfully brought a football team of 13 boys out of the Tham Luang cave in 2018. 


Mikko has shared his incredible story about the Thai Cave rescue operation in a multiple countries through his presentations which also include unique video and picture footage of the actual rescue operation. 

He is also a Member International of The Explorers Club NY, and was granted a 1st class knight grand cross from the King of Thailand, and a life saving medal from the President of Finland.

Mikko is also a team leader of international NGO Bottomline Projects, which organise scientific exploration expeditions. 

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Contact me if you would like to get more information or buy your own SF2 eCCR or  KISS Sidewinder rebreather. 

I have extensive experience  diving both units across the globe in caves, wrecks and mines, from a boat and shores into deep, shallow, cold and warm waters. 

I'm based in Thailand on an island called Koh Tap, but I'm available to teach in other locations on request.

For recreational diving in Thailand check out Koh Tao Divers.Whether you are looking for an adventure of a life time in one of the WW2 historical wrecks, or want to take your technical diving passion further, contact me and I´m always excited to share my passion to other divers.  

- Mikko Paasi

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