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All-around explorer | Adventure seeker | SF2 eCCR instructor

Date of birth: 27 November 1974


  • Passionate ship wreck hunter and underwater photographer

  • Dive enthusiast and self-motivated with high energy level

  • Ability to work both within a group and individually, quickly and efficiently

  • Flexible and adaptable to a wide-range of situations

  • Personable and strong communication and coordination skills

  • Creative and capable of thinking outside the box



  • M2 instructor since 1999. Trained and certified at the Ojamo mine, Lohja, Finland

  • Instructor training involved 300+ dives in mines and quarries, under the ice, in cold conditions, as well as an internship in Egypt. 

  • Training center: Lohjan aikuiskoulutuskeskus instructors Arto Sieppi and Immi Wallin. 


  • Speciality instructor: Tec Rec Trimix Diver, Sidemount, Tec Rec, Deep, Enriched Air, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Wreck , Underwater videographer, Underwater Photographer, Dry Suit, Deep, Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • TEC 40 - 60 - 100 CCR SF2 eCCR Instructor


  • Various recreational specialty instructor qualifications; XR Cavern, XR Wreck instructor, Technical Extended Range Trimix

  • Hypoxic Trimix (100m)


  • Helitrox instructor 

  • Trimix instructor

  • SF2 ECCR  Sidemount and backmount Air Diluent Decompression Instructor


August 2018: Received the 1st class Knight Grand Cross of the most admirable order of the Direkgunabhorn from the King of Thailand at the Government House of Bangkok for his efforts in the Thai cave rescue. 

November 2018: Received an accolade from Finnish Association of Fire Officers  given by Kai Mykkänen, the Minister of the Interior in Finland, for his efforts in the Thai cave rescue. 

1.-2.12.2018: Mikko was invited to give a presentation about his experiences at the Tham Luang cave rescue operation at the 10th anniversary of the EUROTEK Advanced Diving Conference in Birmingham, UK.  ​

April 2019: ADEX (Asian Dive Expo) award for "Inspirational excellence"

21.5.2019: Lifesaving medal from the President of Finland granted from Mikko´s efforts in the Thai cave rescue.


PUBlications and FILMS

Dive into the light

Mikko Paasi and the incredible rescue operation 

Book, published by Otava 2018  Author: Johanna Elomaa

Sukeltaja (Diver) document 

The biggest non-commercial TV channel (TV1) in Finland produced a documentary ‘Sukeltaja’ (Diver) in January 2019. The documentary follows Mikko’s life after the Thai cave rescue. Mikko and the film crew went back to the Tham Luang cave in December 2018 and met the rescued boys in their home village. A longer, international version of the ‘Diver’ will be aired at a later date.

The Cave Movie |  

Mikko was involved in the making of the movie ‘The Cave’ (Director: Tom Waller) in Bangkok in December 2018. He played himself in the scenes depicting the operation in the Tham Luang cave. The movie will be out on the first anniversary of the rescue operation, in July 2019.

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