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  • Mikko Paasi

14-19.6.19 New historical wrecks of Malta

One week to our ”Filthy Few” 😉 week of diving the new historical wrecks of Malta in the range of 60-120m.

The menu for June 2019 looks something like this: (weather permitted..)

  • 14th HMS Nasturtium 67m

  • 15th HMT Trusty Star 87m

  • 16th Gozo sea caves 60m

  • 17th ORP Kujawiak (L72) 98m

  • 18th HMS Olympus submarine 115m

  • 19th Le Polynesian 65m

This expedition is full now.

Contact me if interested in this or the next ones later this season.

(Pic’s are from our build-up dives and not from any of the wrecks we are going to visit)


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